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ReBOOT Your Business, ReBOOT Your Life!

Are you just plain STUCK in your business

Can't seem to grow the business to meet your goals?

Do you want to become truly successful?

Let us show you how to find hidden profits that every business has and START WINNING AGAIN!

Analyze your business in 21 critical areas.
Learn the things you should be doing to be a winner.
See how you rank and what actions you should take.

Discover the proven methods business owners must know to be on top financially.

  • Are you embarrassed that you have been running your business for many years unprofitably?

  • Do other business owners you know have much more time and money freedom than you do?

Let us show you how to take your company from just being a JOB to a thriving business!

  • Do you feel like your business owns you instead of you owning your business?

  • Are you putting 50-70 hours a week or more into your business?

  • Do you continually sacrifice family, relationships, or personal interests to plow extra hours into your business? 

We will show you ways to drive up your sales and profits to be cash positive.

  • Are you frustrated because you continually get into an embarrassing cash flow crunch?

  • Are you tired of paying your people and suppliers with nothing left for you and your family?

Discover those strategies you need right now to get your business and life back on track.

  • Has the COVID Pandemic knocked your business on its backside?

  • Do you need to climb back into the recovering economy as quickly as possible to survive and thrive?

Business Meeting


Limited registration spots available for our next 8-WEEK, Live, Online, group coaching program!

Next Class starts August 24th, 2022

4:00 - 5:00 PM MST each week

$1100.00 Canadian + tax


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During the 8-week live, intensive training program, Four Tree Coaching will teach you the following 4 PILLARS of BUSINESS SUCCESS needed to crush your business goals. You will create and document your plans with the valuable templates, tools, and books we provide with this course.


Develop a Winning Strategic Plan

  1. Clearly define why you are in business and what you want to accomplish.

  2. Define the values that will guide your company forward.

  3. Create long and short-term goals to drive growth in your business.

  4. Identify your business strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats.


Marketing, Explained and Planned (Digital and Non)

  1. Paid advertising (is it effective?)

  2. Low cost or no cost advertising?

  3. Change your ads to engage your prospects and produce results.

  4. What is SEO and digital marketing, and how best to use it?


Driving Up Your Revenue and Profit Growth

  1. Examine the top 5 factors in your P&L that you can change and create large increases in income
    with a few percentage points of improvement.

  2. Create more cash to run your business and stop the cash-flow crunch.

  3. Learn how to scale your business with the right opportunities.

  4. Manage your business with the help of your P&L.


Managing Your Time

  1. Learn how to find time to put back into your life.

  2. Don’t let your day manage you – choose your priorities and stick to them.

  3. Spend your time on the most vital areas of your business.

  4. Learn to delegate more and get some time freedom for family and fun.


To learn more about the Reboot Your Business, Reboot Your Life program check out the

schedule and availability of upcoming classes.

Take some action today to start the education you need to change your life.

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