Selling Can Be Hard – Here's What You Need to Do

Selling Can Be Hard

Any entrepreneur wants to see business growth, and sales are definitely one aspect of the business that contributes a lot to achieve that goal. However, the problem is that not everybody is confident or even comfortable with the idea of selling. In fact, many don’t have an idea how they should present themselves or their business. On the other hand, others can’t nail their timing because they don’t know when it’s best to talk about their business and do some networking in a social setting.

In this post, we will explain why selling is hard for some people and what you can do to improve your sales performance:

Selling Starts from the Introduction

Some fail to realize that the entire process of selling starts from the moment you introduce yourself to someone in an event. This is why first impressions are important! You know this – when you meet someone for the first time, you immediately make an assessment of whether or not they’re someone you’re likely to be in business with or whether they’re someone you can trust enough to buy from and support. If you are unable to make a connection from the very beginning, it would be hard to make a sale later.

It’s Not Easy to Know When to Close

Keep in mind that the close is the most important part when it comes to sales. A person may be good at presenting, making cold calls, and doing other sales support tasks, but if they do not know how to close, it will be hard to find success. One of the problems is that not all know when to start pushing for a close. If done either too early or too late, the sales will never happen!

How to Improve Your Performance in Sales

1) Learn how to talk about what you can bring to the table. Some people don’t want to talk about their products or services lest the other person feels it’s a hard sell. But the thing is, if you don’t talk about your value proposition, how can you expect others to be interested in your offer? For this reason, you must be confident in selling your value. It might take a while before you get to a point where it becomes natural, but constantly working on it will get you there.

2) Learn to understand the prospects’ body language and interpret certain language cues. By learning this, you’ll know when to push into a close, when to pull back a little, and when you need to elaborate about your products or services.

3) Build relationships with prospects in a way that you both move through the sales cycle together and that they won’t feel too far behind you. To maintain this relationship, you need to constantly ask relevant questions and gather feedback to have a pulse on where you and your prospects are on any deal.

4) Accept that making a sale is a personal responsibility. If you hold yourself accountable for how you handle your work, how you approach prospective clients, and how you’ll meet your goals, you’ll have a stronger drive to succeed!


The world of sales is indeed hard, but don’t make the mistake of thinking otherwise. Even professionals who provide business advisory services will tell you that. But that fact should be taken as a challenge to overcome – and one that you can definitely conquer with the right technique and attitude. Whether you are a small business owner or a representative of a huge company, mastering the art of sales is one that’s worth investing time and effort in!

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