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Online Business Training

These business training programs incorporate modern principles for management and leadership excellence. Our courses promote many values such as integrity and honesty with the vision of providing a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to personal and organizational transformation.



2-Hour Classes/ 1-Year Access

Each targeted learning experience explores the role
that each individual plays in creating and sustaining business success. New insights and tools help you maximize organizational effectiveness, implement vital changes with minimal disruption, overcome diverse external challenges, and nurture promising leaders while enhancing your business success.


Buy Single Courses or 5 Packs

Our online programs are built and delivered through an online advanced Learning Management System (LMS), providing you with an outstanding interactive learning experience. 



10-Pack Plus Coaching

10 Courses- 20 hours of convenient online training

Plus 6 x 60-minute live business training sessions

Contact us for details and bookings or 1-587-986-5543


Premium Program Package

10 Courses - 20 hours of convenient online training

Plus 6 x 60-minute live business training sessions 


Contact us for details and bookings or 1-587-986-5543



15-Course Prgram Bundle

Premium Leadership or Management Bundle

15 modules, 30 hours of convenient online training

Includes 12 x 60-minute live business training 

Total: 42 hours of education

Contact us for details and bookings or 1-587-986-5543

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Management Courses

  1. Being a Likeable Boss

  2. Coaching and Mentoring Your Team

  3. Conducting Annual Employee Reviews

  4. How to Motivate Employees

  5. Managing the Generation Gap

  6. High Payoff Hiring

  7. Conflict Resolution

  8. Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

  9. Lean Process and Six Sigma

  10. Developing Middle Managers

  11. Increase Your Negotiation Skills

  12. Develop Your Organization Skills

  13. Supply Chain Management

  14. Efficient Time Management

  15. What is Performance Management

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Leadership Courses

  1. Business Succession Planning

  2. Change Management

  3. Keys to Crisis Management

  4. Developing New Managers

  5. Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

  6. Building High-Performance Teams

  7. Leadership and Influence

  8. Manager Management

  9. Marketing Basics

  10. Internet Marketing Fundamentals

  11. Not Another Meeting! Effective Meeting Mgmt.

  12. Motivating Your Sales Team

  13. Servant Leadership

  14. Women in Leadership

  15. Virtual Team Building and Management