Don Vierboom's happy clients.

Taken from LinkedIn. 

Bruce Dick rec.png

Bruce Dick

President at Expocrete Products

I worked very closely with Don in his position of Vice President of Retail Distribution Channel. He is a team player and was respected by the his sales team, retail customers and the Senior Management team. His outgoing personality and professional image is a testament to his ongoing success. I would recommend Don as a true leader for your organization.

Ivan head shot.jpg

Ivan Lypovyk

General Manager
Permanent Windows Solutions Inc.

It is my great pleasure to give this testimonial to Don Vierboom of Four Tree Coaching. Thanks to Don, now I know I have a solid plan and we are moving in the right direction. Don is incredibly knowledgeable and is an expert in his field. Don’s previous business experience with the combination of his current coaching skills helped my company grow bigger and stronger. Thanks to Don, I got the best employee for my company, and most important from the business perspective, coaching with Don pays for itself many-many times. One suggestion and direction to apply for the provincial employment program brought my company $20k. Thank you, Don. I appreciate the time and effort taken to coach me. I will highly recommend Don Vierboom from FourTree Coaching.

Shirley Howald.JPG

Shirley Howald

Former VP of Human Resources, Expocrete

I had the pleasure of working with Don while he was the Vice President, Retail Distribution Channel at Expocrete Concrete Products Ltd. Don’s personable but professional style brought him success in his role. One of Don’s greatest strengths is public speaking and presentation skills. A naturally gifted speaker, Don is able to convey his message with passion and engage the listener with personal anecdotes to punctuate his desired outcome. His ability to build respectful relationships coupled with his desire to win makes him a dynamic part of any team he joins

Chris Bradley.JPG

Chris Bradley

Head of Growth at HeadCheck Health

Don is a consummate professional offering a valuable combination of education and experience well suited to his senior management role. Don is able to plan and execute business strategy on a national scale while adjusting for regional differences. His success in this respect has been his ability to leverage internal and external (supplier) relationships that simply put - make the plan work. Importantly, Don is known as a strong contributor to both his colleagues and the community.


Brenda Redwood

Regional Manager, DTC All Weather Windows

I've had the honor to be mentored by Don. Don is a leader first and foremost, the finest of fine who leads by example. He is respected by all, a great listener, truthful and honest. What I appreciated most about Don is his visionary outlook and impact on business and creative solutions. His brilliant mind is an exemplary asset to any organization. He is polished and professional. What a privilege to work with this man and to witness his impact on others.


Colin Wiebe

VP Sales and Marketing, All Weather Windows

Overall, Don is an exceptional and experienced leader that brings a calm approach, an executive presence and a logical direction to all groups he engages with. I was able to see this with his clients, subordinates, peers and leaders in his time in multiple roles at AWW. He conducts himself with the highest degree of professionalism in any situation and is seen as a genuine leader that strives for sustainable results. I would highly recommend Don for any role in Sales Leadership, Senior Management or Executive Leadership

Lorne Wight rec.JPG

Lorne Wight

Former Regional President - Western Canaada, Staples Advantage

I can say without reservation that Don is a sincere, loyal and ethical individual. His focus on our customers, his customer relationships and the customer centric changes he made, were all of the highest standard and brought us real value. He is hard working, reliable, honest, strategic and is very capable of thinking "outside of the box" with very insightful creativity. ... Don Vierboom would be a strong addition to any company's senior leadership team and I welcome any direct inquiries in this regard.

Marc  lac..jpg

Marc Lacoursiere

President, Coach and Leadership Disciple at the Achievement Centre

Don Vierboom is a rare leader who combines skill, experience and integrity in all his business dealings. During my time working with Don at Corporate Express and Staples, Don masterfully built successful furniture programs in both his Alberta role and his national role. It has always been a pleasure to work with Don and his calm measured demeanour. Don brings his strong values to everything he undertakes both at work and in his community.


Rick Galbraith

Former Vice President of Sales, Global Furniture Group

I have worked with Don for 10 years and also know him socially. He has an open, honest and collaborative style that breaks down communication barriers. Don treats our relationship as a true partnership. He is a dedicated, creative and caring leader who has helped propel his company's furniture division to new heights and capabilities. Don understands and thinks strategically and is very goal oriented. He knows what needs to be done to make the goals a reality.